MAY 2019:


Friday May 10th and Saturday May 11th – time of day up to each household
It’s time for Spring-cleaning and de-clutter! Prepare all the stuff that you are not using – as “one mans trash is another man’s treasure”. 🙂
MNA will promote by email, Facebook, Nextdoor, and yard signs.
Participation is up to individual household. The following houses are participating. If you are as well and would like your address & time listed, please message us on our FB page.
1) 19 w 62nd St–Saturday only
2) 6439 McGee–Friday and Saturday
3) 212 w 65th St–Saturday only
4) 6140 Oak St–Saturday only
5) 6101 Main St-Saturday only
6) 22 w 62nd St–Friday and Saturday.
JUNE 2019
fly flag
Fly The Flag Event
  • June 8th: 6-8pm
  • 6220 Morningside Drive (John & Christine Richie’s home)
  • Drinks provided by MNA
  • Bring a side dish, appetizer or dessert to share